UPDATED 6/2/20: Data from BOP press releases reveal that federal inmate deaths from COVID-19 are not slowing down. Nearly half of those dead so far were younger than 60 years old.

The Bureau of Prisons is currently reporting that 68 federal inmates have died from COVID-19. While the BOP provides very little in the way of meaningful data, they have issued brief press releases relating to each of those deaths. (Based on prior discrepancies in their reporting, it seems likely that there are two additional inmate deaths the BOP is not accounting for.) The information contained in this table is derived from those press releases. The first section shows that nearly half of all federal inmates who have succumbed to COVID-19 were younger than 60 years old. The second section, in which the same data is sorted by month, shows that federal inmate deaths are not slowing down: there were 33 deaths in April, 32 in May, and 2 so far in June.